Prevent Sewage Overflow From The Toilet

Prevention Is Always the Best Defense

Common toilet problems and plumbing issues can lead to water damage in your Austin home or business. There’s hardly a worse mess that an overflowing toilet releases raw sewage into your environment. But, most plumbing problems can be prevented by regular plumbing maintenance. Taking care of a toilet repair as soon as toilet plumbing problems occur is the best way to prevent toilet-related water damage. Follow the IBHS recommendations below to avoid costly Austin water damage repair.

Sewage Clean Up Is Expensive

Austin water damage cleanup caused by an overflowing toilet can drain your wallet, which is why IBHS urges property owners to complete preventive maintenance before trouble strikes. IBHS conducted a study of closed water damage insurance claims and used that information to identify the leading causes of water damage and develop solutions. The study found that toilet failures cost more than $5,500 per incident after the deductible was paid.

Toilet Failure and Overflow

One-third of all toilet failures in the study resulted from an overflowing or clogged toilet. An overflowing toilet is releasing rare sewage into your home. This is a dangerous mess that cannot be easily cleaned. You can’t just mop it up and think the problem is solved. Raw sewage presents a serious health risk to anyone who comes in contact with it. Not only must it cleaned up and dried out the entire area must be disinfected to eliminate further health risk. When and if you need help cleaning up this type of disaster you in Austin and the surrounding area you can find it here.

Ways to Reduce the Likely Hood of Damage

Twice a year, inspect a toilet’s components, such as the fill, supply and flush valves and the supply line. Make sure that you can turn off the water supply. If you have older screw type valves that are hard to turn or start leaking, replace them with simpler ball valves that are easy to shut off quickly. Do not flush anything down the toilet that might cause a backup.