Residential Metal Roofing

Increased Popularity

Metal roofing is becoming more popular in the Houston residential roofing industry. Not only does it offer many advantages over conventional roofing materials, such as long-term savings, higher durability, and improved hurricane protection, but it is now also available in many styles and colors. Metal roofing materials are recyclable, environmentally friendly, and have a long lifespan. Steel or aluminum options are a money-saving alternative to conventional roofing. These products are also non-combustible and will never contribute to a fire, giving excellent low maintenance protection for your home or business.

Product Depth

Perhaps the most crucial aspect attributable to the increase in metal roofing within the residential roofing industry is the variety now available to the consumer. Your metal roofing contractor Houston can now offer products in a variety of shapes, colors, and coatings.

 Energy Savings

Most roofing materials absorb energy from the sun creating heat. Metal roofing, however, contrary to common belief reflects most of the suns energy. Moreover, metal cools more quickly than other materials including shingles. Because traditional residential roofing materials heat up quicker and retain heat longer, naturally they create a need for more energy to maintain a cool living environment. Metal roofing, alternatively, requires less energy to keep the same living room temperature.

Improved Aesthetic

We understand that one of the determining factors in making purchasing decisions of residential roofing materials is how good will it look. Metal roofing materials have made great strides way in design and visual appeal. Check out our gallery to see our diversified line of metal roofing products.


Like any other purchase, one of the most crucial buying questions is always, “how much will it cost?” The truth is the initial cost of metal roofing is higher than traditional residential roofing materials. However, the lifetime savings of purchasing a metal roof far outweigh the initial savings of buying inadequate roofing material. Metal roofing offers that same or better visual appeal as other roofing materials, but will last exceedingly longer than traditional roofing materials, and will require much less maintenance and upkeep.

Noise Reduction

Another concern many consumers have is noise. However, because we install our metal roofing products over plywood, there is no discernable difference between the sound created by metal roofing and conventional residential roofing materials. There is, however, a VERY discernable difference in the protection offered by metal roofing when it comes to severe weather like hurricanes, hail, and ice!